Taking Laxative Tea Long Term
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Iram
Posted on: May 29, 2007

I have been advised by a friend to take Richter’s herbal tea which helps with weight loss and it has following ingredients: rhubarb root, liquorice root. aniseed and peppermint leaves.

It does say on the packet that this tea is an herbal agent to stimulate bowl movement and healthy regularity to relief under-activity of the intestine and discomfort. However my friend has been taking this tea for approximately a year and she has been losing weight steadily but I was concerned if it is safe to take something like this for a long period of time because I do not suffer from any bowl or other intestine problems. Please could you help and clarify it for me.

A tea with these ingredients should be taken for a short term only, to ease constipation. Rhubarb root is a laxative. Because it stimulates bowel contractions, when taken long term it can cause the bowel to lose its ability to contract naturally. This will result in a dependence on laxatives. Licorice root, when taken long term, can cause fluid retention and high blood pressure.

Please note that this tea is a European product that has no relationship to Richters Herbs.

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