Child with Hashimoto’s
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Kristi
Posted on: June 29, 2007

My daughter, Kalynn, who will be only 4 years old in July was just last week diagnosed with both hypothyroidism and hashimotoitis. She has been dealing with chronic constipation since birth and this is the only reason that we found this problem. Her endocrinologist

has told me that her thyroid is only working about 5% and stated that this hashimotoitis means that her immune system is attacking her thyroid. I do not know much about either dicease but am trying my best to learn more. Can you please tell me if you have any suggestions? I am also curious to know if you have ever heard of such a young child being diagnosed with hashimotoitis.

Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder causing inflammation of the thyroid gland, leading to hypothyroid condition. It is rare at this age, being most common in women over 20. According to the Thyroid Foundation of Canada (, it is treated the same way in children as in adults. In conventional medicine, treatment is with daily thyroid hormone for life. This treatment usually has excellent effect with no negative side effects.

We have listed information on herbs for Hashimoto’s on our website Choose Q&A from the main menu, then enter "Hashimoto" for the search.

Because this condition has serious consequences if untreated, you must follow the direction of your endocrinologist. If you want additional information on natural treatment for your child, I recommend that you consult with a qualified natural practitioner who has experience with treating thyroid disorders. This practitioner can advise you on beneficial diet and supplements that may be helpful along with your child’s thyroid medication.

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