Premature Ejaculation
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: John
Posted on: July 01, 2007

I am 53 and for about 6 years on and off taking Viagra and Levitra. I only have sex with my girlfriend a few times a month. My activity is usually having oral sex and almost never entering her because once my penis touches her vagina I ejaculate prematurely . What herb can I take to help me in my making love to my girlfriend?

I guess I am becoming a "Ruth Westheimer" person <ha ha>.

Let’s start with my book "The Magical & Ritual Use of Aphrodisiacs." There are several herbs and exercises to help reduce your sensitivity. The finest aphrodisiac, of course, is the mind, and you need to focus on this place first.

After that, frequent practice should also be considered. Again, that part is really true, and your oral aspects might offer her more multiple orgasms -- taking care of everything or your needs in one movement. It is not about something you can take, but your attitude toward what you consider "sacred time" with your partner.

Tantric Sex practices and the ritualization of sex have been used since recorded history in the development of this aspect of personal relationship. With that siad, you might also consider reading my new book "The Modern Alchemist" and the stages necessary for personal growth and development.

The problem is NOT about "pe," but your relationship to your Self. Once this part of the dialog is developed, the problem will disappear -- as no longer necessary "to get your conscious attention." A guide or sex therapist is often useful in these stages of personal development.

[See also "The Search for a Herbal Viagra" by Conrad Richter: -- Ed.]

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