Manna and Monotomic Minerals
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Patti White
Posted on: July 01, 2007

Cordyceps is really something very very special. I feel great!

Do you have a preference to any of the manna products? Or the monatomic minerals? I used mountain manna (maybe White Gold) and started seeing everyone’s auras! And having wild dreams! Incredible! Anyway, I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of the manna and the best source (mountains -- desert -- ocean). I think you said to call you but I couldn’t find your phone number.

My general expertise does not normally lie in minerals or manna products, but herbs and spices. And that, mostly as a field man. Of course, because they are in the news, I do have some knowledge and opinions on various substances. In my opinion, the cordyceps hybrid has got to be the single most important food development for this century. This is why I now represent it for use and sale.

Gold is a heavy metal in the periodic chart, just above platinum and just below mercury. Gold in many of its forms can be quite toxic, as can be mercury and platinum. Side effects may develop after a significant accumulation of gold in the body. Gold compounds require up to two months to reach a steady state in the body. They also have a fairly long half life.

It is now used experimentally in some limited forms of medicine. This area is highly controversial, leading to several schools of thought. Sir Laurence Gardner, a colleague and personal friend, has written extensively on this subject, to include his series "The Chronicles of the Holy Grail." I have found his works to be quite credible.

But, over a 10 day period, only 70% of gold is excreted from the body, exacerbating toxicity problems. With its use in medicine, the potential benefits for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, skin rash or a history of bone marrow depression should be weighed against the potential risks of gold toxicity on previously compromised organ systems or with decreased reserve. Potential problems with detection and correct attribution of toxic effects must also be considered.

Orally administered gold has fewer side effects than intramuscular injections. Common side effects of oral gold include decreased appetite, nausea, hair thinning and diarrhea, as well as problems affecting skin, blood, kidneys, or lungs. Common side effects of injected gold include an itchy skin rash or mouth sores, with rare instances of kidney problems or suppression of blood cell production.

Taking various forms of gold internally has a long history of use. One example includes Laudanum, which was basically tincture of gold with morphine. That product was use as a "foil" in the movie "Tombstone," showing how culturally it was seen and used at that period of time. Mono-atomic forms are just as new and with as many unknowns and questions to be asked.

True monatomic elements are an entirely different form of matter than your common elements, recognized by standard chemical assay methods. They are in a higher spin state and exist in a distorted flattened shape. They are superconductors at room temperature and exhibit anti-gravitational tendencies as well as aversion to magnetic fields.

They organize themselves into cooper pairs and as such do not react in any of the predictable chemical reactions seen in their lower energy state counterparts. This actually makes them diatomic entities. Nano sized, they have an entirely different order of energy, action and influence. With my background and sciences, I still have questions and concerns.

They like to reside in still, quiet and stable environments, and favor nesting in certain crystalline lattice structures, such as silica and salts. They readily ‘tunnel’ through glass and quartz containers. And, they are quite abundant in nature and, I suspect they are key to important energy and information functions in biological life.

One good example is copper in the ORME state as the central molecular aspect in chlorophyll and thus enabling photosynthesis, whereas the lower energy state of copper will not enable it, at least not without the diatoms present. You might want to review Barry Carters website at

My primary concern was with the nano-iron experiments, used to enhance MRI scans. The nano-iron acted like a meteor flashing through our solar system. It basically interfered with cross-chatter in the cell, and caused cellular brain damage. Gold and Platinum are both heavy metal series, and one wonders what EM fields they might include? Where does one begin studies with this stuff?

I wished I had my laboratories, to include an fMRI device. With that, and some other field studies, one could determine absolute variations in the brain with these kinds of product. Also, I think that manufacturer’s protocols are probably critical in health sciences, especially at these levels of absorption in the body.

From preliminary study, I have decided to wait for more information before I try it for myself. I have been told by "credible" friends that it "enhances ESP." Of course, I have had my ear ring when I listened to "Voice of Coyote" tell to "take the drug and find out.. Heavy metal poisoning would also cause "ringing" of the middle ear.

So, with all of this said, I should say "Will Rick experiment with this new product, and (maybe) turn into a zombie?" Stay tuned, fans. Same Bat channel, same Bat time." Chou Yun Fat once remarked in the movie "The Corruptor:" "To be Chinese, you have got to be able to eat the bad stuff."

When you asked about "manna products," are you referring to the business for "The Professional Chef’s Association" of gourmet condiments and flavored oils?

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