Allergic to Spider Bites
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Gena
Posted on: August 31, 2007

My son is severely allergic to spider bites (the normal household kind). He is now 7 & has been to the hospital more than 2 dozen times since the 1st bite at age 4 months. It is so severe/unusual that the doctor brings in all the interns to see him every time we have to run to the ER.

Last year, while visiting my sister in northern Michigan, he had a bite. My sister insisted we take him in to see her family doctor - instead ofthe ER. Dr. Sheila took one look at Clay & said she knew exactly what the problem was. She gave him a cup of some sort of clear herbal liquid & a teeny white pill. She gave me 6 more pills & told me to give him 1/day for the rest of the week. She said she knew by Clay’s fair complexion/blondish hair/blue eyes, that he was more succeptible to spiders. She also said that Clay might need to repeat this herbal process every year, but that eventually, the herbs would wane it out of his system.

Amazingly, over the past year, Clay has been bitten several times. But, they all look like a bite should look - a little red & swollen. Clay’s pediatrician is awed by this turnaround.

Unfortunately, Clay received a bite 2 weeks ago that was definitely worse. We had to rush into the ER & went thru 2 rounds of antibiotics. I called Dr. Sheila’s office & she has left the state. No one there can seem to remember/figure out what herbs she gave to Clay that day.

I’m writing to you, hoping you can figure out what herbs were used. As I would definitely like to buy them & keep them on-hand.

The teeny white pill given by Dr. Sheila may have been a homeopathic remedy. I suggest that you look for a good homeopath to repeat this preventative remedy.

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