Mixing High Doses of Dong Quai and Black Cohosh Harmful?
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Jason
Posted on: September 03, 2007

My wife recently found out she was pregnant. She is about 3-5 weeks into it. We decided that we don’t want a third child at this time. So, she found online, a discrete way of having an abortion. It consisted of mixing black cohosh, dong quai, and abscorbic acid vitamin C. She has taken one dose so far: 1000 mg (1GM) of black cohosh, 1000 mg (1GM) of dong quai, and 2000 mg (2GM) of vitamin C supplement. Now she is very nauseous and just moping in bed. She seems to have all the side effects that were said to be "normal". The directions online said to take that dosage every 4 hours.

Is this remedy accurate in causing an abortion, and is it safe to take that kind of doseage?

I cannot ethically advise on protocols for abortion.

Black cohosh is a very strong medicine. Symptoms of black cohosh overdose are headache, dizziness, flushed face. The fresh plant contains chemicals that cause skin blistering. Ingestion of large quantities of the fresh plant can cause digestive upset and diarrhoea.

The amount of black cohosh that your wife is taking is about 10 times the normal dose. It is unsafe to take this dosage of black cohosh.

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