Gall Stone Dissolving
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Millie
Posted on: November 15, 2007

Is there an herb or herbal combination that dissolves gall stones?

Firstly, dissolving gall stones is much more involved than just taking a herb. It is important to address exactly why one is developing gall stones before even thinking about getting rid of them, whatever way one chooses. as gallstones are a symptom of something more going on. Without addressing the underlining issues of why one is getting them, they will likely reoccur and continue being a problem.

Secondly, dissolving gallstones can be a tricky business. The reason why they are still contained in the gall bladder is because they are too large to pass. Once you start to dissolve the stones the next concern is how small will they be when they pass. As you are likely aware, this can be a very painful process with possible serious health implications.

Having said that, one of the conventional treatments for dissolving stones is to give bile acids orally for many months. Herbal recommendations that can help to dissolve stones also do so by increasing bile salt secretions. Herbs such as barberry, greater celandine, fringe tree bark and balm of gilead increase bile production in the liver. However, it may be necessary to use anti-spasmodic herbs as well such as cramp bark and wild yam to reduce the colic and pain. It is advisable to consult a qualified practitioner to assist you with this issue. In my practice, both dietary recommendations along herbs has been most effective rather than just diet or herbs alone.

For more information on causes of, as well as preventing gall stones, please go to our website and see "Gallstones, Chaparral and Effective Use of Herbs I":

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