Skin, Round Red Spots on Feet, Foot Bath
Answerd by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Gene
Posted on: November 22, 2007

I have high blood pressure and I am a diabetic . My blood pressure has been under control for about 7 years now, taking my pills. Taking my shots and pills my sugar is between 115 to 145, except when I eat something that I shouldn’t. About 4 weeks ago I got some red marks on my feet. They are on the sides of my feet. They are about the size of a quarter behind my ankle bone and some small marks in front of the ankle bones. My doctor said they may be from my blood pressure medicine? I am a 74 year old, 20 years Air Force Korean vet. Do you have any suggestions?

If you are experiencing cold feet as well as some tingling or numbness in the feet, then the spots are likely from the diabetes. If so, then strong ginger foot baths would be recommended on a daily basis. Be sure to wear loose socks and not to tie up your shoes too tightly so as to limit the natural blood flow.

If the red spots are from the medicine then you can try calendula salve but I suspect the underlying mechanisms are much more involved for just a topical remedy.

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