Low Blood Pressure and Avoiding Heart Herbs That Lower It More
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Cheryl
Posted on: December 02, 2007

I am considering purchasing something for heart health but most of what I have found would also lower blood pressure. The problem with that is I already have low blood pressure and I am concerned with lowering it even more. Is there an herb that I can take with say hawthorn that would counter the lowering of blood pressure yet still do what it needs to help my heart?

I can’t keep putting off my heart health because of blood pressure. My heart is of great concern with family history and things I have dealt with. But I already get dizzy when blood pressure lowers too much.

A few herbs that can help raise low blood pressure, in addition to hawthorn, are garlic, rosemary, and ephedra. Tonic herbs can also be indicated if low blood pressure is due to loss of blood, a heart attack, infections or adrenal exhaustion. Herbs such as nettle seeds, and ginseng are excellent choices in these cases.

Foods that are important for good heart health and low blood pressure are potassium rich foods such as bananas and potatoes, as well as adrenal restorative foods such as nuts and seeds and avocados. Exercise is equally important. Daily walks can help to strengthen the heart. Various ancient healing systems believe that emotions such as lack of joy and worry are damaging to the heart. As such joyful activities are also important.

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