Conceiving - Mystery Herb, Blood Sugar
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Amanda
Posted on: December 02, 2007

I recently had a psychic reading done. This reading was about my husband and I trying to conceive. (We’ve been trying for 18 months already)

I’m currently taking Clomid for ovulation induction and Metformin for my PCOS. My husband and I would really love twins. When I asked my psychic about the possibility of us having twins she told me this ...

"Now in regards to the twins, I know your already taking clomid for ovulation, but I see you taking an ‘additional’ supplement if you want to increase your changes. I find that this is more ‘herbal’ than over the counter, so just make sure to talk to a natural path and your dr before mixing things. You can probably google the name of this herb to try and increase your chances."

She also said "I think it’s a bigger ‘horse’ size pill and its white."

Do you have any idea right off what she could be talking about? I’d really love to do further research on this pill.

I have not a clue which pill you are looking for. However, I can tell you that stress and blood sugar regulation are just as important for PCOS as hormonal regulation is. Therefore, herbs that help to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the effects of stress are going to help greatly. As will herbs that help to regulate hormones.

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