Ginseng Safety, Fertility
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Saireesh
Posted on: December 07, 2007

I am 35 year old man suffering from low sperm count and motility . I am not able to conceive child since 5 years because of low sperm count. Some of my friends told me that taking ginseng herb tablets increases sperm count and motility and I also read it on internet. I didn’t take any advise from a doctor as I am very shy to go to a doctor. So please tell me is ginseng really helpful to increase sperm count and is it ok to take ginseng tablets without doctors advice. I also heard that taking ginseng for too long period is harmful so for how long should I take it and how much dose should I take per day and there are any types of ginseng which will be the most helpful in increasing sex drive and also give me any other safe and effective herbs or medicine to increase my sex drive. Please advise me, I am very much depressed and sad. God bless you.

Yes, ginseng has been recommended for fertility issues with men due to the endocrine balancing abilities it possesses. Ginseng is a very well known and widely used herb around the world and is considered very safe when taken for extended periods, and many people have taken ginseng without their doctor’s consent. However, there are other causes of low sperm count and motility that the ginseng may not address such as thyroid deficiency, vitamin C and E, zinc and calcium deficiencies, excess coffee and alcohol consumption and other health issues. Your low sex drive, low sperm count and motility are all possible signs of not only an endocrine imbalance but also thyroid deficiency.

As ginseng would not be able to address all of these possible factors, I suggest that you do speak to a health professional to make sure that all possible causes can be either ruled out or addressed.

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