Lymphoedema and Pokeroot Oil
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Bob
Posted on: January 02, 2008

My wife is having lymphoedema in her left arm following breast cancer and removal of lymph nodes. The edema in upper arm is not out of control but it is starting to her cause pain and sensitivity in her arm as low as her forearm and just above the wrist. currently I have been making tea out of ginger and she is taking one tablet (bromelain + turmeric). Do you have any advice and/or other herbs that may work better?

A topical compress of pokeroot infused in castor oil has proven to be very successful in my practice with various lymph related conditions. The oil can be heated up to skin tolerance in a pot on the stove top. Take a flannel and dip it in the oil and squeeze out the excess just until it is not too drippy and messy. Apply the flannel across the lymph congested area, cover with plastic wrap and then apply a hot pad or hot water bottle. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes once or preferably twice per day. The oil can be reused many times but after two weeks the oil will need to be replaced with fresh oil.

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