Interstitial Lung Disease
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Samuel
Posted on: January 18, 2008

What is a treatment out side of the normal medications/ herbal for intestinal lung disease?

I believe the disease you are referring to is actually called Interstitial Lung Disease which is an umbrella term for various lung scarring disorders. Symptoms include breathlessness and a dry cough. Depending on the underlying cause, the damage may not be irreversible.

Aside from the corticosteriod and other prescription drugs, oxygen therapy during sleep and/or exercise and pulmonary rehabilitation programs are also commonly recommended.

From a holistic standpoint, eating well and exercise is important. Eating smaller and more frequent meals as well as lighter and less dense foods can help to reduce the size of the stomach as this can affect breathing. Exercise is important to help maintain lung function and for overall well-being. Essential fatty acids such as hemp oil, flax seed oil and fish oils are anti-inflammatory fats that are needed.

Anti-inflammatory herbs such as licorice, black cohosh or wild yam, as well as circulatory stimulants such as cayenne and ginger root are needed. Herbs that help heal damaged capillaries are also indicated such as gotu kola, hawthorn and buckwheat.

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