Lemon Grass for Skin Pigmentation
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Patricia
Posted on: January 18, 2008

I was wondering if lemon grass tea helps fade away pigmentation? If so, what are other benefits to drinking this tea and where can I purchase it at?

First of all, pigmentation removal depends on the type of pigmentation and whether the pigmentation is superficial or deep. For example, freckles are permanent and the only way to remove them is to actually destroy the melanocytes in the skin and this is not at all recommended. Lemon juice has commonly been recommended to help bleach pigmentations such as sun spots or liver spots. However, I have not recommended this before so can not comment on whether it actually works or not.

I doubt very much that lemon grass tea would fade pigmentations. Lemon grass is used to flavour Asian cooking with its wonderful lemon favour. The tea has been drank for its relaxation and stress reducing effects on the body as well as a nice tasting beverage. The essential oil of lemon has been used for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties as well as repelling bugs and mosquitos.

Also, I am wanting to know if there is some type of ginseng tea or any other natural remedies out there to help stimulate my brain/memory.

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