Breaking Down Scar Tissue
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: No Name Given
Posted on: January 19, 2008

I had a radical prostatectomy earlier this year and I’m still suffering with scar tissue. I have a very good surgeon, however there has to be some other way to shrink, or get rid of the tissue. What is recommended for this problem?

Scar tissue is comprised of various connective tissues through a process known as fibrosis. The tissue repair sites with a better blood supply tend to form less scar tissue then those with a poor blood supply. The reasons for this is that tissue repair requires oxygen, nutrients, antibodies and various defensive cells to heal the injured site. Additionally, this essential blood supply aids with the removal of tissue fluids and debris. If any of these essential "ingredients" are missing, along with a reduced blood supply, improper fibrosis development occurs interfering in the normal healing often causing an excess of scar development.

To help break down excess scar tissue, this essential blood supply is necessary to carry away the debris, etc. To do this, the scar needs to be softened allowing better blood circulation through the scar.

Topical applications are indicated for reducing scar tissue. Castor oil packs have long been used to help soften and "decongest" tissue as has aloe vera gel. Herbs and oils can be applied to help increase the blood flow such as cayenne, ginger, garlic, mustard, rosemary, camphor, lavender, and peppermint can be used. It is important to note that essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin, rather it is necessary to add them to a carrier oil before applying. If there is nerve pain involved, st. john’s wort oil can be used topically as well.

Vitamin E has also been applied topically for this purpose.

Salves, creams, compresses or massage oils can be made using the above mentioned herbs and oils. It is recommended that the chosen remedy be used twice daily.

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