Long Term Diet Tea Use
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Judy
Posted on: January 28, 2008

I am drinking a dieter’s tea for almost 2 years now. It contains Cassia angustifolia (senna) and Malva verticellata (chinese mallow).I want to ask if these are safe ingredients or too strong that can harm the body when taken for a long period of time. And if there’s an effect on conceiving or getting pregnant? I drink dieter’s tea because I feel constipated when I don’t drink. My body has been dependent on it I think. As far as I know it is safe to drink any kind of tea since it is just in the form of liquid and would just get out through the urine.

Laxatives are only meant to be used on a short term basis as they can be habit forming, that is the bowel stops moving on its own and depends on the herbs to move it. I can appreciate however, that this remedy has helped you but for your long term health, you really must get this problem resolved as this is just a symptoms of something more going on in your body. There are many causes of constipation that usually stems from the liver and/or bowels. It is important to find out the reason for your constipation and then it many be necessary to retrain the bowels to have regular movements again.

To begin, it may be necessary to go back to a very basic diet or even a juicing detox to clean out the bowels and then start fresh again. Juicing gives the bowels a good cleanse and break. A detox also helps to get the liver stimulated and functioning better which is essential for proper bowel function. For information on cleanses, I recommend "The Juicing Bible" and i"The Smoothies Bible" and they are available from Richters. They are both excellent books helping one choose which vegetable, fruits and herbs are best for cleansing with along with great tasty recipes to try.



Bowels that are not eliminating have a negative impact on a person’s health as the bowels are the main toxin eliminator in the body. When constipation regularly occurs, these toxins are reabsorbed into the body and cause a very toxic state. This can have an effect on fertility as it can cause hormonal changes as hormones that are trying to be eliminated are actually getting reabsorbed again. Furthermore, if a person is pregnant, this is true for both the woman and a baby. Although it is unlikely to seriously harm a baby, constipation is introducing the fetus to toxins it should not be exposed to. Additionally, the same is true for the herbs that one takes to keep the bowels moving. It has been found that many of the constituents that causes the laxative effect actually cross the into the placenta and therefore is contraindicated during pregnancy.

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