Making Pokeroot Oil
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Bob
Posted on: January 28, 2008

I have the powdered pokeroot and 1 pint of castor oil. How much pokeroot do I infuse into the one pint of castor oil?

In Canada, to make a standard infused oil from a dried root, one uses 1 part herb to 2 parts oil or commonly referred to as 1:2 ratio.

To do these calculations one needs to assume that 1g=1ml. So for a 1:2 ratio one would need 1g of herbs for every 2 mls of oil.

1 pint of oil is approximately equivalent to 2 cups of oil or 500mls. Therefore you would need 250g of poke root.

Therefore, in Canada and the UK, the ratio is then 250g of poke root in 500mls of castor oil.

To convert this to US measures, 250g is approximately 8.5 oz of herbs (approx. 29g = 1 oz)

The final ratio would be approx. 8.5oz of poke root in 1 pint of castor oil.

Once mixed you can do one of two things: 1/ shake it daily for three to four weeks then strain and use; or 2/ warm it in the oven on the lowest possible setting for 6 to 8 hours, allow to cool then strain and use.

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