Subject: Herbs to Mask Foul Body Odours
Answered by: Christine Dennis

Question from: Theodore
Posted on: February 21, 2008

I love herbs and stumbled upon your website. I am going to order your catalog and continue the benefits of herbs.

If someone has a digestive problem and is completely uncooperative when it comes to cleanliness and they do not like incense, how can you eliminate the smell of defecation and vile odors that come with their polluted digestive systems?

It sounds like there is a need for some essential oils, herbal sachets or potpourri here. A herbal sachet is a little cloth bag filled with strongly scented herbs or flowers that can be hung to scent a room. Potpourri is a mixture of strongly scented herbs and spices that are used to cover up foul odours or for just the simple pleasure of a scented room or home. A potpourri blend can be placed in a dish or basket in the bathroom. For extra strength, a few drops of an essential oil can be added daily or weekly. Essential oils are concentrated extracts of the volatile oils in the plants and can be used on their own as well. One or two drops placed on the towels, mats, and/or light bulb will do the trick by filling a room with their natural scents.

Richters has a few lovely essential oil blends that would work well for you and can be found at:

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