Subject: Interactions of Herbal Adrenal Formula with Birth Control Pill; Fibroadenomas
Answered by: Christine Dennis

Question from: Christina
Posted on: February 21, 2008

Just today I picked up a herbal supplement by the name of "Schizandra Adrenal Complex". It was recommended by one of the store clerks after I’d explained I’ve been feeling fatigued lately -- especially since I’ve been trying to kick my coffee habit. However, I am currently on birth control (Lowestrin 24) and would hate to take anything that interferes. Also, at my last doctor’s appointment they found a fibroadamoma: I know I’ve spelled it wrong, but it’s basically a benign tumor in my breast. So to make a long story short, I just want to be careful that nothing I take will interfere with that or the birth control pill.

I am sorry, I can not comment on a proprietary blend and without a list of the herbs that are in the formula, I can not comment on each of the herbs either. However, generally speaking adrenal herbs do not interfere with birth control pills nor do they interfere with fibrose growths and development.

Furthermore if you can suggest any supplements that will promote breast health and help with some of the side-effects of the birth control pill I would really appreciate it:-)

Fibroadenomas are dense benign fibrous tissue growths and in your case is in the breast. They are due to the liver not clearing away metabolic waste and excessive hormones. As such, the birth control may very well aggravate this condition. A diet and lifestyle that promotes good liver function is the best thing you can do for your breasts. I would strongly recommend you look to alternative birth control means such as a combination of temperature, mucous and calendar methods. In the mean time, bitter herbs that help to stimulate the liver are helpful such as dandelion, yellow dock, barberry, and gentian. Herbs that reduce stress are helpful here as well due to the endocrine disregulation that stress can cause -- lavender, lemon balm, scullcap, and california poppy.

A lifestyle that promotes healthy lymph flow will help to keep the metabolic waste removed from your breasts such a daily jumping on a mini trampoline and walking. A diet that is low in animal fats and inflammatory fats, refines foods and sugar are also important. Also avoid bras with under wire and antiperspirants rather stick with deodorants instead. Avoid all caffeine and excessive carbohydrates.

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