Support for Knee Worn Cartilage
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Lucie
Posted on: March 03, 2008

Are there any herbs or combinations of herbs to be taken that can promote the regrowth of knee cartilage? My doctor told me that my knee cartilage is so thin (from wear) that knee replacement is my only option in another 25 years, I am only 38!

This question has been touched upon before and the answer can be found at:

However, I would like to add to this. As mentioned before, diet is the key. A diet high in minerals and amino acids are essential for enhancing reconstruction and self healing of the joints. Foods that are naturally high in glucosamine, a major constituent of the cartilage in our joints, are gelatine and animal bones. Simmering for several hours leftover chicken, beef, venison and other bones in water along with some apple cider vinegar, makes a great soup broth that provides important nutrients for both the joints and bones. Home-made "jello" using plain gelatine and fresh or frozen fruit or fruit juices also provides a natural source of glucosamine.

Additionally, if there is an underlining digestion problem, it may be that the body is just not able to absorb the necessary nutrients for proper joint reconstruction and self healing. If this is the case, digestion MUST be addressed first.

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