Orange Soles and Palms
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Jeanine
Posted on: March 21, 2008

For about two years I have had orange coloration in my palms and soles of feet. I had originally thought it was from ingesting too much beta-carotene. I have limited my intake of carotenes but the orange is still very prominent. How long will it take for this to go away? Should I avoid all orange color foods? Is it possible to have low iron levels in the blood but high levels in built up in the joints? Wondering if living on well water most of my life might have something to do with it as I also have joint and muscle stiffness at age 37.

Orange discolouration can be a sign of any number of things -- hypothyroidism, improper nutrition, vitamin C deficiency, vitamin A excess, liver problems such as a deficiency is certain liver enzymes, etc. I think it is best that you consult a health care practitioner for full medical work up as some of the possible causes can be a problem if left untreated. For example, hypothyroidism can lead to anemia and cause joint/muscle stiffness, which may have something to do with the symptoms referred to above. I am not familiar with well water causing this symptom.

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