What is Mumie or Moomiyo?
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Michael
Posted on: April 27, 2008

Looking for what I think is an herb but not sure, but I’m sure of this: the two or one substances may be one and the same, or have the same properties. They are mumle and moomiyo. Are these herbs or chemical compounds, and where I might obtain either or both?

‘Mumie’, also commonly referred to as ‘moomiyo’, is a natural product found in the mountains of eastern Europe and Russia. It is believed to have adaptogenic properties and has been used to help the body cope with physical stress and has been used by athletes, soldiers and astronauts. Claims are that it helps with endurance, increasing oxygen capacity and cellular regeneration and recovery. Most of the research on this herb has not been published in English so I am not able to assess these claims.

[Note added by the Editor:]

The source and composition of mumie is controversal. According to a German study, mumie is composed of strong smelling organic and mineral substances. Here is what the authors conclude from the study:

"The main contents of Mumie are humus-like organic matter (60-80%) and mineral matter (20-40%). However, the nature of this material is not well known and is often described as asphalt, pitch or bitumen. The typical strong smell of Mumie suggests animal excrements as a significant component. Its possible pure vegetable origin is discussed controversially." [Barbara M. Scholz-Böttcher, Arie Nissenbaum and Jürgen Rullkötter, 2005; http://www.icbm.de/ogc/poster/Miscellaneous/Scholz-Boettcher_2005-IMOG-Mumie-the%20Blood%20of%20Mountains.pdf]

Richters does not have mumie available.

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