Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Eleanor
Posted on: May 17, 2008

Please give me the properties of the following herbs to be used to prepare the above sita bath. Also recommend any others for this situation with or without any degree of fear. Also can you recommend any with local analgesic effects for this?

Herbs that can be used for the analgesic effect that can be added to your sitz bath -- passion flower, chamomile, catnip, valerian, hops or wild lettuce leaf.

Comfrey leaf

This is used to help heal tissues and is an excellent remedy if no infection is present.

Calendula flowers

This is a wonderfully healing herb that has anti-inflammatory, anti microbial and emollient properties. This herb is highly recommended for this purpose.

Rosemary leaf

This plant has a high volatile oil content making it anti-microbial thus reducing the chances of infection setting in. It would be a good choice for a sitz bath but if there is some tearing, be sure to use the leaf rather than the essential oil.

Marshmallow root

This plant is a nice emollient herb that will help to moisten and soothe inflamed tissues so would be ideal for a sitz bath after delivery.

Goldenseal leaf

Usually it is the root of this plan that is used as a mucous membrane healer as well as for it’s anti-microbial properties to reduce infections. The leaf of this plant may have similar properties but to a much lesser degree.

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