Answered by: Christine Dennis
Questin from: Bobbie

I have eyeritis, and I was looking for an herb to help my eyesite. Is there possibly one I can use?

There are several causes of eyeritis/iritis (inflammation of the iris). Often the inflammation is caused from an injury, virus, bacteria or is related to an auto-immune disorder. Therefore, the treatment can vary depending on the cause.

If the iritis is caused from a bacterial or other infection, take echinacea, goldenseal, or myrrh internally while making a warm infusion of calendula, lavendula and chamomile to be applied topically as an eye soak. This can be done 3 to 4 times per day being careful to use a fresh cloth and infusion each time.

If the cause is from a related auto-immune disorder, a much more detailed and long term internal approach is needed. Herbs such as ganoderma mushroom, ginseng, schizandra, nettles, and holy basil may be of benefit as well as anti-inflammatory immune modulators such as tumeric, cinnamon, gotu kola and sarsaparilla. If this is the case, for you then I recommend that you speak to a holistic health practitioner.

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