Bowel Spasms and Constipation
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Pennye
Posted on: June 04, 2008

I have always had bowel trouble (constipation) never have loose stools. I think I have irritable bowel syndrome. Here lately my bowels feel like they are spasming and it is very painful. I have been taking some digestive enzymes and fiber from standard process. I take calcium and magnesium citrate to help soften the stool to get it out. I am gonna look and purchase a good probiotic to I know I probably need. Would appreciate anything you could recommend.

After visiting a doctor and having any serious bowel issues ruled out, I would consider doing a diet diary to look for any food sensitivities. Once these have been eliminated from the diet, herbal medicines can then be taken to help heal the gut. Herbal antispasmodics such as wild yam, cramp bark or valerian can be taken along with bowel toners such as gentian, geranium, witch hazel leaf or yellowdock. Herbal nervines such as catnip, lavender or valerian are necessary as are gentle carminatives such as peppermint, fennel or ginger root. Essential fatty acids are also helpful such as flax seed oil, hemp oil and fish oils.

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