Uses of Holy Basil
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question From: Minna

I would like to know what holy basil will do for me, my energy is low, I have pain in my legs, back. I take high blood pressure med, Lexapro, Lipitor, Syntroid.

[Editor’s note: the names "holy basil" and "sacred basil" are used interchangeably to denote the Indian holy plant, Ocimum sanctum. But in the Richters catalogue "sacred basil" is Ocimum sanctum while "holy basil" is a different basil venerated in India for its religious significance.]

Holy basil has been used for diabetes, to lower high blood pressure, as an anti-inflammatory herb and to reduce the negative effects of stress among other uses. Traditionally it has been added to salads and eaten in cold dishes. From the looks of the medication you are currently taking, stress, or at least a lot of stress in the past, certainly seems to be, or have been, a factor. As such, adding Holy basil to your diet could be a benefit to you. If you are wanting to take it in higher doses than just a flavouring as a food, I would recommend that you work with a herbalist so that your blood pressure could be monitored in the event that it may eventually drop too low when taken with the blood pressure lowering medication.

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