Safe Herbal Eczema Cures for Teenagers
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Carrie
Posted on: July 24, 2008

My daughter has eczema/pitysorias rosea, which causes her to break out and itch very badly. I took her to be checked by a doctor that’s specification are herbal products.

Her liver needed to be flushed as well as some other diagnosis was given. I ended up getting 4 out of the 6 recommended remedies: three bottles where you do drops and some intestinal capsules to clean out the colon and liver.

My question to you is: are herbs dangerous to the organs of a 17 year old? He did do the testing, the balancing of the herbs and so forth, I’m just still needing to know if this was a safe route to go instead of going to a regular doctor.

A 17 year old is considered to be an adult in terms of body function and medicine dosage. As such, herbs would be used in the same way for an adult as they would a teenager and history has determined that herbs are a very safe and effective form of medicine and healing for people of all ages especially when properly prescribe within the context of a therapeutic relationship so between a practitioner of herbal medicine and a patient.

Herbs are very successful in the treatment of eczema and other skin conditions as they actually help the body to get to the root of the problem thus offering a complete healing of the condition. Conversely, western medicine treats these particular skin conditions by just simply covering up the symptoms. As such, medication use is very long term. I would strongly recommend that you do the natural route.

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