Sage, Weight Loss
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Dom
Posted on: October 14, 2008

I am an overweight European living and working in Morocco. Amongst all the wonderful and interesting aspects of living here is >the subject of natural medicines which I have now come to respect passionatetly.

Though I am losing my weight, one downside of being large is that I was classified with Type II diabetes and for a number of >months suffered and was forced to take medicine in the form of tablets. It was at this point that family members of my wife insist >that I speak to a renowned herbalist in the city of Essouirra (you may know it as the historic Portuguese port of Mogador). The >man basically said to start drinking my Moroccan Mint Tea with fresh sage which grows plentiful here in the foothills of the Atlas >Mountains near the Sahara desert.

It worked well and and even used an oil extract in stronger doses and was soon no longer taking the tablets. Now I have lost a >great deal of the weight and continue to take at least once a weak a large dose of fresh sage in my tea as a habit.

So what is my question? Tell me why sage is so good for this effect and is there any risks in prolonged use or actual benefits or >now that I am no longer type II am I just wasting my time with it?

Sage is a herb known for its fluid balancing effects. If there is too much fluid or mucous in the body, it will help with the elimination of it. Today excess fluid and mucous are common causes of excess weight. Sage also helps to promote good digestion which is also helpful in excess weight issues as well as diabetes.

Although sage is a wonderful herb, I do not believe in taking any specific or single foods or herbs in excess for long periods of time. Variety is the spice of life, and as such, although it is unlikely to be a problem for you, if you do not need the sage, then it is not necessary for you to continue to take it daily. Furthermore, sage does contain constituents that may for some people be a concern if taken for long periods. As such, feel free to use it in your cooking, but keep the tea for when you may need it again or occasionally to help with digestion or for a nice tasting tea.

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