Reversing Aging Skin
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Debbie
Posted on: October 14, 2008

What can I take to reverse my skin from aging? or what to take to help my wrinkles I have now.

Setting aside the normal aging process of the skin, the skin is consider, by many, to be the largest organ of the body. Holistically then, it reflects our internal environment and with keen observation reveals important information about what is happening inside the body. For example, skin that has excessive loss of integrity suggests that certain nutrients may be lacking from the diet. Dry skin is a sign that the body needs internal lubrication. Various blemishes are a sign of internal imbalances or toxicities. Additionally, the colour of the skin reveals a lot as well - pale means deficiency, where red often indicates excess or inflammation. Therefore, if you feel that our skin is not aging as well as it should be, perhaps closer examination is required to help you determine what you need to do.

Furthermore, there are many well known factors that affect how well the body and therefore the skin ages and would need to be addressed as well. For example, smoking, stress, various weather exposure, poor diet and lack of exercise negatively affects the body/skin and increases the speed of which the skin "ages".

Important nutrients for healthy skin are essential fatty acids which helps to keep the skin moist, water for the same reasons as well as clearing away impurities internally, a variety of minerals for skin integrity therefore variety in a high mineral diet is necessary, vitamin C and bioflavonoid rich diet to help maintain good blood flow to the skin, and anti-oxidants such as selenium and vitamin E to reduce free radical damage.

Topically, nourishing oils such as coconut oil helps to keep the skin moist, essential oils such as rose, rosemary, lavender and geranium can be added to the coconut oil to address inflammation or lack of circulation. It is well known and researched that many body care products including make-up that contains chemicals can adversing affect the health of the skin and should therefore be avoided.

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