Kidney Deficiency and Prostate Weakness
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: October 22, 2008

I have kidney yang deficiency caused by over masturbation. My kidneys are very weak due to over masturbation in my teens. I guess my prostate also suffers weakness also. Is there a formula in traditional chinese medicine to reverse kidney and prostate >weakness.

Kidney yang deficiency is referred to as adrenal weakness and is not actually in reference to the kidneys as we know them to be at all. adaptogenic herbs are the best herbs for restoring normal adrenal function and include herbs such as ginseng, ashwaganda, schizandra, astragalus and reishi mushrooms. Essential fatty acids (nuts and seeds oils as well as fish oils) and B vitamins (found in whole grains and fresh vegetables) are also important

For good prostate health, zinc is very important and can be found in pumpkin seeds are as in whole grains as are the essential fatty acids again. For information on the prostate, please see:

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