Venous Insufficiency
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Name not given
Posted on: November 18, 2008

What are the best herbs and/or vitamins for venous insufficiency for a person that is hypothyroid and is on 175mcg levothyroxine daily, has arthritis in the knees, may need knee replacement, is tall, fairly active, will be getting compressions stockings. I would also like to know what herbs or vitamins are the best and safest for circulation that will strengthen venous, arterial, capillary walls too?

It seems to me that your adrenals need to be addressed as well. General adrenal tonics that may be helpful are ginseng or ashwaganda.

Regarding your question about the venous insufficiency, horse chestnut is one of the best researched herbs for its effectiveness in venous insufficiency and has no negative side effects if taken at a recommended dosage: 200 mg. capsule, three times a day.

Vitamins C, E and bioflavonoids help circulation and nourish the blood vessels. These nutrients can be found in citrus fruits as well as buckwheat.

Physical exercise, such as a half hour walk daily, to improve blood flow is important as is avoiding sitting or standing for long periods of time, keeping your feet up when sitting, and avoid any tight clothing that can restrict the blood flow.

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