Lichen Planus
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: not disclosed
Posted on: November 20, 2008

I’ve been diagnosed with Lichen Planus of the skin and mouth. It’s coming up all over my body, and is most uncomfortable with itchiness. I am taking herbal medicine from a local medical herbalist, and have been taking it for about 4 months now and it does not seem to be helping because the lichen planus is still coming up on different parts of my body every day. The itchiness is unbearable at times. Do you have any suggestions?

Lichen planus is an inflammatory condition that affects the skin and oral cavity by means of lesions or rashes. Considering that this condition is of unknown origin and can pop up anywhere on the body suggests that an internal thus systemic approach is necessary. Alternative herbs such as burdock, nettles, chickweed and red clover could be drank as a tea whilst also taking antihistamine type herbs for the itching such as nettles, plantain and licorice together. It would also be wise to clean up on ones diet thus providing the best environment for healing and balancing to occur. Inflammatory foods such as refined foods and those of poor nutritional value should be eliminated and replaced with nutrient dense foods such as whole and unrefined fresh foods. Essential fatty acids such as flax seed oil and fish oils would also be recommended.

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