Goldenseal and Ear Congestion
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Clare
Posted on: December 23, 2008

Two years ago I flew to Australia and to equalize my ears I kept squeezing my nose and blowing through my ear. After sometime my right ear starting feeling tender so I stopped. However, 5 hours into my flight, which was 13 hours long, I started feeling pressure in my forehead and cheeks and each time this happened I would feel as if I could not breath. This continued for the rest of the flight. On landing my right ear hurt throughout the entire landing. My ear was so sore throughout the night I had to go to the doctor the following morning. Upon examination of my right ear, he said it was red and bulging. He prescribed penicillin medication for 10 days. On my return after 10 days the same thing occurred on my returned flight, only not as severe as going, so I assume the medication helped. Over the last 2 years my right ear has not returned to normal. I have noticed that if I am sitting in a car and the doors are slammed shut without the windows being down, I feel the pressure in my ear and it gets sore... I need to know if goldenseal will heal my ear? Is there any recommendations that you can give me.

It sounds as though you still have congestion in your inner ear area. It may be necessary to remove all mucous forming foods from your diet such as dairy and wheat until it clears. The reason for diet being an issue is because the mucous membrane of the tubes to the ears is the same embryonic tissue that lines your digestive tract. As such, any mucous formation in your digestion will affect the mucous formation in your ears and inhibit mucous clearing that seems to be blocking your ears at this time still. Additionally, adding warming and spicy foods to your diet will help to improve your digestion. Plenty of warm fluids is also needed. Whilst drinking your warm fluids, it can be helpful to apply a warm pack or warm bottle on your ear and neck area thus improving blood flow to the area in an effort to stimulate the mucous removal.

As for the goldenseal, I doubt very much that your ear is still infected rather it is a congestion issue. Slightly warm herbal oil (not essential oil), such as lavender or garlic, can be added to your ear to also help in facilitating the decongesting.

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