Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Randy
Posted on: December 23, 2008

Can you take bladderwrack with food or juice? If so, How much can you put in your food or juice?

Yes, bladderwrack has traditionally been used as a food and as such would be fine a juice. Bladderwrack is very high in minerals and sea salt so intake should be based on individual health history if one is not able to eat normal amounts of salt. If adding to soups, it can be added much like any vegetable so 1 cup per pot of soup would be fine. Pickled bladderwrack is wonderful can can be made much like any traditional cucumber pickle. If you are taking it for use for thyroid problems, a few tablespoons can be taken each day.

Herbalist Ryan Drum uses a lot of sea vegetables and has a lot of information on his website at:

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