Herbalist Degree Online?
Answered by:Christine Dennis
Questiion from: Nasreddine

I would like to have a diploma in herbalism? I am from Algeria and very interested in the subject. Please help me.

There are a number of schools that offer programs in herbal medicine. Some are done by correspondence and others are in class. There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a school. For example, what type of herbal medicine do I want to study: western, traditional chinese, ayurveda, etc.? Are you interested in local herbs or herbs from around the world? Are you interested in using herbs for your own use or for helping others? The next thing you want to do is look at local laws and regulations for where you live.

Contacting a local herbalists association can help you to answer many of these question. If you do not have a local association try each of the following:

A Canadian herbalist association - http://www.herbalists.on.ca

American herbalist association - http://www.americanherbalistsguild.com

United Kingdom’s herbalists association - http://www.nimh.org.uk

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