Incontinence, Sympathetic Tissue Referral
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Jody
Posted on: January 14, 2009

I am 53, fairly slim and active. I went through the change around 50 and had very few problems. I have not had sex in 8 years because my husband is no longer interested. I am incontinent and it is getting worse. Is there an herbal tincture or extract that will help me, and , if so, can I make my own since I am familar with making echinacea tinctures?

Your incontinence makes me question the health of your digestive system. Irritation in the digestive tract can cause a sympathetic referral to an area that shares similar embryonic tissue. What this means is that if the tissue lining the digestive system is irritated then the tissue lining the bladder can become irritated in sympathy. This phenomenon is often overlooked when looking for the root cause of various health problems. In this case the common tissue is the mucous membranes. Other common referrals for digestion irritation are to the lungs - often presenting as asthma or chronic phlegm, and to the ears - often presenting as ear pain, congestion or infections. Addressing the root cause is important whilst offering some sympathetic relief can be helpful in some cases.

There are many causes of digestive irritation - medications, recent or past stress, food sensitivities or allergies, antibiotic use, poor diet and eating habits are the main culprits and need to be addressed. For more information on any of these issues, please use the Q&A search tool at:

In the meantime, staghorn sumac, horsetail and agrimony tea can be very helpful along with demulcents for the bladder such as corn silk and couch grass again as a tea drank throughout the day. Kegel exercises can also be helpful.

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