Mycoplasma Pneumonia, Chlamydia Pneumonia, Fermented Foods
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Victor
Posted on: January 19, 2009

I am a professional football player from USA. Two years ago I got infected with Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Chlamydia Pneumonia. I have terrible pain in my joints (especially my knees and shoulders) and I am not able to play football anymore. I have been on antibiotics for 16 months, but the infection still remains in my joints. My life is falling apart and I am very depressed. Any advice would be much appreciated.

This is a complex treatment protocol and requires you to work with a qualified herbal practitioner. Fresh garlic ingested in high doses can help along with other strong antimicrobial herbs such as wild indigo, thyme, usnea and oregano. Immune stimulating herbs such as echinacea, astragalus, along with herbs to reduce inflammation such as tumeric, lavender and meadowsweet. Alterative herbs such a nettles, burdock and red clover can also be of benefit.

Diet is also important. Eliminate all foods that may bother you or that you may be sensitive to along with adding essential fatty acids to your diet.

Most importantly, probiotics are essential to help to replace the good bacteria that has been destroyed in your gut and is adding to your slow recovery, depression and pain. Fermented foods are your best bet here such as unpasteurized sauerkraut and other vegetables. To learn more about this and how to do this go to:

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