Comfrey and Osteoarthritis
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: mirella
Posted on: January 19, 2009

Is comfrey recomended for osteoarthritis?

Yes, comfrey used is indicated for osteoarthritis. Comfrey contains constituents which help the repair of connective tissues as well as a high mineral content beneficial for bone regrowth. However, there is quite a bit of controversy regarding this plant. As such it is usually recommend for external use only or internal use for short periods. It is contraindicated internally in pregnancy, children and those with a compromised liver. For more info regarding this controversy please see:

Osteoarthritis has close links with digestion dysfunction and results in the body not absorbing the necessary nutrients needed as well as a systemic inflammatory process occurring. As a result, addressing digestion is needed when looking to the root cause of this dis-ease. Additionally, high mineral teas such as nettles, alfalfa and oat straw are indicated as well a diet that reduces the inflammation is necessary such as removal of all foods that are known to disagree with your body as well as increasing the foods that reduced inflammation such as essential fatty acids such as fish oils, flax seed oil and hemp oil.

Other recommendations for osteoarthritis can be found here:

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