Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Diplegia
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Name withheld
Posted on: February 17, 2009

My 18-year old son has spastic diplegia. To give you more information, I would like to explain how it started. He was born as a normal baby. Until age 14, everything was normal except for mild learning disability after grade 5 and very mild tip-toe walk at age 2-3. After age 14, his gait was changed but not remarkable. After a year it became more obvious. He had been seen by orthopedist, neurologists, genetic specialist and physiotherapist, spine and brain MRI, blood & neurologic tests, and genetic tests were are normal. No treatment had been sugested except for physiotherapy and exercise, which he is doing. Now he is at the stage that not comfortable to walk, severe difficulty descending stairs, moderate difficulty ascending stairs, draging, especially right foot, when he walks, tip- toe, severe difficulty rising from sitting on the floor, bending to the floor and riding bike. My question is if herbal treatment helps him and if yes, what type?

I strongly suggest that you find a local herbal practitioner to work with for an individualized treatment protocol that addresses your son’s specific health history and current health state. When you do, I suspect the practitioner will consider strong herbs such as lobelia or gelsemium in drop doses, herbal nervines and relaxants such as catnip, black cohosh, wild yam and valerian as well as a magnesium supplement, essential fatty acids and a good look at his diet to see if there are any food sensitivities or digestion problems that can aggravate your son’s condition.

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