Swollen Hands and Feet, Spider Veins
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Lupe
Posted on: May 20, 2009

Richters have supported me with my son’s allergies and asthma incredibly well in the past. It’s my turn now. My menstrual cycle has ended and I have noticed spider veins by my feet and above my knees. My energy is not what it used to be. From time-to-time my hands feel swollen. I will be getting a full physical soon. What can I take for these symptoms? Besides exercising, how can I improve my circulation and strengthen my veins and arteries? How can I improve my energy? I drink caffeinated teas all day long. Can caffeine produce swelling and poor circulation? I may also be getting some arthritis in my feet and hands.

Spider veins are a sign of fragile capillaries and general vascular weakness. Foods that are high in bioflavonoids (bright coloured foods) help to improve the integrity of the vessels. Herbs such as horse chestnut, hawthorn and ginkgo are helpful here are well. For more information on spider veins, please see: http://www.richters.com/qa-search.cgi?search=spider%20veins

There are a few causes for swelling of the hands and feet - for example, it could be a cardiovascular issue, a kidney issue, or a food sensitivity. The feeling of arthritis can also be caused from fluid accumulation and not even be arthritis after all. It is good that you are getting a check up to determine what the cause is.

Regarding the caffeine consumption, more than one cup of caffeinated beverage per day become very hard on the adrenal glands - the glands to give you the get up and go or daily energy. Excess consumption can cause the adrenal glands to become weakened, leaving one feeling tired and run down. Natural little perk me ups would be teas such as rosemary or peppermint in the morning. They do not have the same kick as caffeinated drinks do but they gently increase circulation and blood flow, helping one feel more mentally awake.

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