Malaria, Typhoid, Jaundice
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Olasupo
Posted on: June 09, 2009

I need the names of herbs that helps cure the following diseases: malaria, typhoid, jaundice. I will get the rest of diseases for you. This all for now.

Each of the conditions you mentioned can be quite serious and require medical assistance. Furthermore, in holistic and herbal medicine, an individual approach would be strongly recommended for best care. The following information can be used for general information.

For information regarding malaria see:

Regarding the typhoid, as this infection can be quite severe, an individualized approach is necessary which depends on the current stages and symptoms. Herbs such as chamomile, yarrow, sage, witch hazel, blackberry root, can be used to help reduce inflammation in the bowel. Stronger herbs such as echinacea, wild indigo and goldenseal can be used as well for the inflammation and infection. Fever management strategies are also necessary. Diaphoretic herbs such as elderflower, catnip and boneset can be helpful along with sponge baths and foot baths.

Regarding the jaundice, jaundice is a symptoms that the liver is not doing its job properly. As a result, the underlying cause must be addressed. Jaundice is caused from an increase in bile pigment in the blood and skin when the bile ducts become obstructed. This can result from gall stones, pancreas issues, autoimmune issues or liver issues. Generally speaking liver supporting herbs are necessary such as dandelion root, gentian, milk thistle, or goldenseal. Usually diet must be addressed as well including reducing bad fats and reducing mucous forming foods such as gluten rich foods and dairy.

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