Antimalarial Herbs, Treatment
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Akeem
Posted on: July 23, 2009

I would appreciate it if you can forward a comprehensive list of herbs that could be used to treat malaria.

This question has been addressed before and can be found at:

I would like to add that there are a few herbs that are considered to be "specifics" for malaria, in addition to the wormwood but not so much in that they kill the protozoa rather they alter the terrain of the gut making it inhospitable for it to stick around. Generally speaking these are very bitter herbs such as gentian, Berberis spp., or boneset. Pervian bark has also been found to be a specific as a anti-protozoa.

Treating the symptoms is a different approach from being anti-malarial as an effect. Gelsemium in drop doses, or diaphoretic herbs such as yarrow or boneset drink as a tea can be helpful.

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