Cushings Edema
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Christina
Posted on: September 03, 2009

What herbs can you use to remove the fluid from your face, neck and double chin. It’s not a fatty double chin, but full of fluid. It’s very annoying. The fluid is all around my neck, and has caused a double chin, also my cheeks are too puffy. I have Cushing’s Disease and Diabetes. I have been on steroids for 24 years for replacement and cannot stop taking them. Do you know of a solution?

Herbs that help to support your kidneys and the removal of metabolic waste can be helpful here. My favorite herb for this use is burdock root decoction drank three time per day. Nettle can also be helpful for support.

As for diet it is important that you are focusing on keeping the body in as low a stress state as possible, which is of course often easier said than done. However foods can act as an unnecessary stress for the body as well. Removing foods that are rich in any proteins that you may be sensitive to, such as wheat or dairy, can help to reduce any excessive dietary stress that can can be adding to the problem.

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