Withania Somnifera
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Chas
Posted on: September 29, 2009

Greetings from one organic farmer to another. The Prairie sand and desert heat of southern Alberta grow some fantastic crops, ashwaghanda being one. I’ve made the mistake of consuming the roots after drinking a tea, and lived to tell the tale. A friend who is in the fitness/nutrition field got some from us, used it in the same dosage (tea) as the stuff she got at a supplement store and basically overdosed. She survived, obviously, and now believes us when we say it’s strong medicine. My question is I see that you’ve answered a question on diabetes and the aforementioned herb, stating that the procedure was to ingest a powdered tablespoon of " the plant." Is that like the Top part, the green matter? Are all parts used? Like I say, I ate the roots, after a tea and felt like I was half in and out of life the next day. Perhaps I ate too much. Perhaps tea is plenty strong to deliver the medicine. One little side-note is the Energy that surrounds ashwaghanda. Being a strong-medicine plant the aura that it commands is like that of henbane, almost menacing, ominous, completely aware of the power they wield.

Wow, how brilliantly perceptive! Withania belongs to the same plant family as henbane thus it is not surprising that it would share a similar aura. The nightshade family has some of the most common food plants but also some of the most dangerous and poisonous plants. The whole plant family demands respect.

Yes, traditionally it is the roots that are used, in one TEASPOON doses, although I do know of some herbalists who are testing the upper plant parts but I am not convinced that it would be safe. Furthermore, the traditional use is to drink it in milk. It is possible that the protein or fat in the milk reduces any potential toxicity for some individuals, I don’t know, but it is something to ponder and research.

It is a herb that needs to be respected especially by those who are sensitive. Considering that you are open to seeing auras suggests that your energy field is very open thus open to feel the effects of the herbs much easier and stronger. People such as your self would need to take all herbs in smaller doses.

Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope others who are as open as your self will dose accordingly.

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