Elder Plant
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Karin
Posted on: December 01, 2009

I am interested in the medicinal properties of the Elderbush, Elderflowers and Elderberries (both fresh and dried). Also I need more information on the differences between Elderflowers and Elderberries, for example, which one strengthens the immune system better, especially with a view to this coming flu season, but also whether I can make tincture of both or only from one but not the other. Additionally, it is my understanding that the Elderberry seeds are toxic to human beings, and therefore should not be used for medicinal purposes. However, if I make tincture out of dried Elderberries I need to grind the whole berry including the seeds. Does that mean that my tincture would then be toxic? I would like to send my order to Richters as soon as possible, but I want to make sure I order the correct parts of the Elderplant before I do so. I appreciate receiving your answers to my questions at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Elderflower is a nice diaphoretic, and therefore is used as a hot tea for fever management. Elderberries are a strong anti-viral and immune stimulant which can be eaten or made into a syrup or tincture. The seeds are not toxic, only the branches are and therefore only the branches need to be removed.

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