Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from : Art

I have a cancer which has metastised to the lungs. What herbs do you think might be effective and at what dose with regard to: 1) Direct treatment of the cancer 2) Complimentary to conventional chemotherapy either (a) by making the chemo more effective or (2) mitigating side effects.

Cancer is a very complex dis-ease and is different for everyone. Not all lung cancers are the same and nor should they be treated the same as everyone is unique individuals as are the cancers they have.

"Healing and Cancer Herbal Medicine - A Comprehensive Program for Prevention and Treatment" by Donald Yance is a good book that helps to answer the questions you are asking but helps one look at it from an individual perspective. This book is available from Richters at

Generally speaking, immune support is absolutely essential, using both diet and herbs. For some different ideas and suggestion, please see the various responses given already at:

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