Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Sue
Posted on: March 05, 2010

I have just been diagnosed with Acromegaly - that is a benign tumor (not cancer) of the pituitary gland, which produces high levels of growth hormone. I am searching for alternative treatments. Do you know of any herbs that can help this condition? Any herbs that can decrease Human Growth Hormone levels? Or, herbs that can increase Somatostatin levels in the body?

I have not had any personal clinical experience with this condition. However, pituitary type normalizers would obviously be indicated here. Herbs you could try would be licorice root, bladderwack, ginseng, wild carrot seed, and borage. The other things I would look at would be stress as stress is well know to stimulate the enodocrine system excessively including the pituitary gland. There nervine herbs such as lemon balm, chamomile, passionflower or valerian could be indicated. Foods that are important for the entire endocrine system are essential fatty acids such as flax seed oils and fish oils.

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