Knee Pain
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: David
Posted on: March 05, 2010

I played high school and college basketball and probably the last 30 years of pick up/church league basketball. I take cholesterol and a small dose of high blood pressure medicine. The last two years my knees started to bother me in basketball. I went to a knee doctor and he did an x-ray. He said I had no arthritis only some slight swelling and inflammation. He prescribed a pill but my heart/cholesterol doctor said no way. He said take an Alieve 30 minutes before I played ball was the safest way to go. Do you know of a herb that would help this matter? I’ve gotten out of shape because I don’t play ball anymore, but want to. I’m 55 years old but I was playing 2 hours of ball twice a week.

Cholesterol lower medications are well known to cause inflammation in the body because they remove all the fats, including good fats. It is these good fats that are important for building the natural anti-flammatory compounds in the body. So when these good fats are removed, so too is the bodies natural ability to reduce inflammation. So I think you need to talk to your doctor about this. Secondly, you need to get lots of good fats in you diet because if your knee is feeling the inflammatory effects of lack of good fats, there is very likely other inflammatory processes that are occurring else where that is also in need to of these good fats but you are just not aware of it yet.

Herbs to help reduce inflammation can be found here under arthritis information:

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