Hair Loss, Dry Hair
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: Corazon
Posted on: March 05, 2010

I need advise on what to do with my hair. Since we moved to Texas a month ago, it has become dry and I have hair falling out. I have tried aloe vera juice and it has worked, the problem is we have no aloe vera here. Are there any subtitute you know of about my problem?

The dry hair and loss of hair suggests that you might be having an essential fatty acid deficiency in addition to having tired adrenals. Perhaps the move was very stressful which put extra demand on our body and the need for more of these essential fatty acids. Adrenal support is indicated here. Adaptogenic herbs - herbs which help the body cope with stress, such as ashwaganda, holy basil, siberian ginseng or nettle seed would be a good place to start in addition to taking fish oils and flax seed oil daily at each meal.

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