Horehound Candy and Coumadin Interaction
Answered by: Christine Dennis
Question from: unknown
Posted on: April 09, 2010

I have been on coumadin for several years and of course have to watch the vitamin K. I love horehound hard candy but I cannot find out how much vitamin k in each piece of candy. Since the herb is green, I would think it would contain vitamin. If so, do you think it would be considered high, med. or low in vitamin k. Your thoughts on this?

It would be very hard to determine exactly what the amount of vitamin K there would be in each piece of horehound candy. However, VItamin K is only moderately heat stable and considering that high amounts of heat are used to make horehound candy, it would be fairly safe to assume that the Vit K content in horehound candy would be very low and thus would not pose a concern when eaten in junction with your coumadin medication.

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